You can buy the X-Boil and spare parts directly from us


International shipping is no problem




With X-Boil, one hand lifts the lid, the other stirs

and nothing falls over

sounds obvious, but it isn't



Windscreen and potstand in one

Stable and ridiculously small pack size

Effectiv and low noise

The x-boil is stowed on the inner wall of the pot to save space




The only requirement for the pot is that the distance between the bottom edge of the pot and the handle is 18mm or more
All X-Boil have holes for tent pegs as an alternative pot support
Space-saving pot hooks





The X-Boil safety burner

(also available seperately)

Every X-Boil comes with the safety burner!

Inside the burner is graphite felt that absorbs the spirit.
Nothing leaks out / even upside down
Great ignitability in the cold

Fuels: Alcohol, Fuel paste, Dry fuel (Esbit)

The felt must be removed to use fuel paste!!!